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    BASA Village Foundation

    Offer school, medical & supplies to 80 kids!

    Empower 80 kids in this village!

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    De-Clutter Challenges

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    We continue to collaborate with the Basa Village Foundation in Nepal, to raise funds to assist our Basa Village partners and to jointly create sustainable solutions for their communities. This involves training new teachers, nurses, and developing new skills to assure longevity and self-sustainability without damaging the culture or creating dependency. Every change that is currently taking place in Basa is guided by the village leaders and fully executed by the villagers themselves. All projects are designed to influence and positively impact every inhabitant regardless of their social or economic status.

    2018 Agenda

    Paris Marathon

    April 8, 2018

    Tenzing Hillary Everest Marathon

    May 29, 2018

    (Sponsor Options Coming Soon)

    Miami Half Marathon

    January 28, 2018

    De-Clutter Challenge (Nepal Spring 2018)


    With Spring just around the corner, feel the energy, freedom and fresh breath of air hiding behind the clutter that was accumulated overtime. Make space for something new and exciting by getting rid of unnecessary and unused stuff while bring joy and smile to those less fortunate. How many things would you really notice missing from your closet ? How many toys would really be cried after if they went missing? Everything that is cluttering our Life is Life quality improving to many others. Gently used clothes, toys, unused schools and medical supplies make tremendous difference in Nepal, especially in the rural parts. What we take for granted and treat as "nice to have", it is life changing experience for others. We at 50 Deeds of Love, work with The BASA Village Foundation there.

    How to Participate in the De-Clutter Challenge

    All you need to do is to confirm your participation by submitting your email address below. Then, have items you want to donate packed in bags or boxes - and we will pick them up from you. LOVE in MOTION made EASY. We are looking for things like toys and games for the children (eg: teddies, small toys, nothing battery-operated), sports equipment (eg: tennis balls, footballs, skipping ropes, Frisbee), group board games, educational posters (eg: alphabet, numbers, world map), children’s simple story books, pop-up books, rhyming books, stickers, English dictionaries, school supplies, medical supplies, and gently used clothing.