50 Deeds of Love

  • De-Clutter Challenge (Tanzania Fall 2017)

    & the Moshi Girl Empowerment Program

    Make space for something new and exciting by getting rid of unnecessary and unused stuff while bring joy and smile to those less fortunate.   Everything that is cluttering our Life, is quality Life improving to many others. Gently used clothes, toys, unused schools and medical supplies make tremendous difference.

    This campaign was organized to support opportunities for adolescent girls and create support networks in their communities, so they can make more informed choices when they grow up. All the projects are designed to build confidence, self- esteem, and to educate and empower local girls within their communities.


    Many unforgettable moments occur while providing essentials to those of great need, we all take for granted.  Never underestimate the impact you have on people. The power of the impact we can have on people and their ability to succeed is unbelievable.

    Thank you all for participating in this De-Cluttering Challenge to support Girl Empowerment program.  A big thank you for bringing joy and smile to those in greater need. Thanks to your generous support, we were able to assemble an airfreight CARGO SIZED CONTAINER of goods: toys, school supplies, books, arts and crafts and clothing that was shipped and delivered to African Impact in Moshi, all this, just in time for Christmas. Special thanks go to: @hesselverhage @jennifer.kayal Anata Kaminski, @4mrsdee @ndechamplain @maura_abad Karen Cohen, Christine Williams, @neelambanceparsons Shannon Craig @bleafn @anetamazurek, Neutralogistics LLC and many more who made this all possible.

    Races - 2017

    New York Marathon

    Toronto Half Marathon

    Delray Beach Half Marathon

    Treks - 2017

    Mount Kilimanjaro 19,340f/5,895m

    Huyana Potosi, La Paz 19,974f/6,088m


    Kasia volunteered with us for two weeks, on our Maasai Literacy, Nursery and Girl Impact Projects. Her commitment to give back is evident – and she does it with such lively and positive energy. It was great to work alongside her and we were so grateful for the donations she was able to organize and deliver. We managed to create Education Packs for children we had indentified in the community for additional support. This included 17 Primary School children, 24 Nursery School children and 51 children from a local church. These Education Packs’ will help support these childrens’ education throughout 2018. The community and African Impact want to say ‘asante sana’ (thank you, so much) for the kind donations and for Kasia’s support.”   

    Sarah Meath

    Project Manager | Moshi, East Africa | African Impact 


    Kasia is a very determined person.  If she puts her mind to any challenge, she succeeds.  When she first went to Nepal with me in 2013, she had never before climbed a mountain. When she visited me in South Africa during the Cape Town marathon in 2015 following knee surgery, she had never run longer than 10km. In 2016, Kasia turned 40 and dedicated that year to raising funds for the Basa Foundation in Nepal...  by climbing mountains and running marathons.  And she was very successful. Now Kasia has taken on even bigger challenges, including running one of the toughest mountain races in the world, the Tenzing-Hillary marathon from Everest Base Camp, to raise even more for the people of Nepal.  I have no doubt she will, as always, succeed.

    Elliot Schwartz.