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    She is a Conscious Leadership Coach, Personal and Organizational Transformation Advocate, a Provocateur, Adventurist, Global Citizen, Traveler and Himalayan Climber. She believes in the irresistible power of choice and living life congruent with our highest values. Kasia Challenges the Impossible by transforming organizations one person at a time to live, work and lead with clarity, on purpose and with passion.

    My Story

    It all started a couple years back with an eruption of a magnitude proportional to an earthquake having have had a personal awakening at the top of a Himalayan summit in Nepal. Since then, she set herself on the mission to enable people to discover what might stop them in creating the life they meant to live. 2016 – “The Year of Forty”  Kasia celebrated life, health, vitality, friendship and family by giving back to the less fortunate and to acknowledge the special place where her reinvented life journey had commenced – Nepal. In 2016 she ran three half -marathons: Miami, Boulder, Chicago, one full marathon: San Francisco; and climbed Pacharmo Peak – 6,273m (20,581 ft) in Nepal and she raised over $6000.00.   

    Since then she had two knee surgeries, run 8 half marathons, 2 full marathons, climbed 3 summits, and she is not planning to stop any time soon....She is Challenging the Impossible with I'm Possible as she breaks through and pushes beyond her own limitations while igniting change and transformation.

    My Commitment

    Since she has started “The Year of Forty” initiative, she has smartened up just a bit (she guesses the “number” obliges – at least seemingly so) and slowed down physical activity just a bit giving her body a chance to recover each time. With continuously rejuvenating her soul and body, she is ready to conquer the next decade with putting the Love in to Motion through 50 Deeds of Love. Her strong “why” continues to prove to be a profound motivator and accelerator when it appears she is running in the “reserve mode” without an option to refuel or hitting a cul-de-sac. 

    Over  the next 10 years she is going to challenge herself and to participate in at least 50 big/crazy climbs and/or races/challenge events over the world to raise money to pay her deeds back.

    There is no action that is too small to make a difference.

    About VJ

    His Story

    VJ was born in India and grew up in the Middle East, until he migrated to Canada with his family during the First Gulf War in 1990. He got his Engineering degree from Queen's University, and started his own engineering design and drafting company in his last year at university.  The business evolved into an international management consultancy and a multi-faceted product & service provider that currently serves clients around the world.  All his business ventures have one thing in common; the marriage of ethics with corporate profitability.  All his personal relationships have one thing in common; the marriage of self respect and genuine love for the other. VJ is a musician, a yogi, an avid traveler, film maker, and student of life.

    Money, Career, Corporate Clarity

    Career & Corporate guidance is something VJ is very passionate about. Financial success is top of mind for most of us and although yes, it is critical for survival, he doesn't believe that financial success should be seen as a goal.  He believes that money is nothing more or less than energy and we have an inate ability to harness this energy and that financial success should be looked at, as a natural side-effect of living a life in which our actions are aligned with what makes us happy.   Financial safety is very attainable, but we just need to create our path towards it & align our resonating energies.   Decisions are easier to make when we are able to look at the relevant factors and put aside the irrelevant noise that generally tends to cloud our judgement and perception of reality.  VJ believes in the importance of having, as accurate a perception of reality as possible. This approach to life has helped shape the vision of 50 Deeds of Love.

    A Positive Approach to Life

    Life Coaching is something that VJ thrives on.  He loves people.  He loves life.  He believes that every one of us already knows what it is we must do and that with a little guidance, we can all see what is truly staring back at them in the mirror.  Surviving divorce, war, racism, has only made him more compassionate towards others and himself.  VJ lives a very happy life.  He is a big supporter of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and has been one himself for almost 10 years.  He plays instruments, writes and records music, has travelled to over 33 countries, practices and teaches yoga, speaks multiple languages, and believes that each of his life experiences have lead him to a place where he can help others.

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